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The top video is for a better unit.
This tutorial is about the basics of how to run a simple low power system without a mixer or a microphone, just your phone and a $100 transmitter.

We have two extra 15W units (top video) we can donate to an active user in another city! Email us! ︎︎︎

Parts List
  1. Top video, reccomended:~$130 15w Transmitter with mag-mount antenna Ebay 
  2. Bottom video, not as reccomended ~$90 7W FM Transmitter with mag-mount antenna Ebay 
  3. ~$5 12 volt cigarette socket to 2.1mm barrell jack cable Ebay 
  4. ~$2 Aux Cable (included in $130 kit)
  5. tested codenser 3.5mm microphone yuck amazon sorry 
  6. portable fm radio for testing (any will work)