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How to use power inverters to run any system off a battery

•the battery shown is a 65lb 12v 100ah  AGM lead acid battery. It provides about 1000 watt-hours for about $200
•1000 watt-hours means it can power 1000 watts for one hour, or 1 watt for 1000 hours, or 500 watts for 2 hours and so on.
•the ONLY way to know how many watts your system uses is to plug it in and measure it at the volume you will have it set at and the type of sounds you will be playing. Bass uses more power than treble, so music uses more power than speech. Silence uses almost no power. The watteg ratings on equiptemnt are never even remotely close to how much power the unit actually uses, so do not worry about plugging your "2000 watt" speaker into your inverter, it will be fine.
•We reccomend only getting an inverter with a wattage display so you can tell how close you are to your limit during use.
•1000w is enough power for most systems, and can typically power 2-4 large speakers depending on thier age and size.

How to install an inverter in a Toyota Prius or a normal car
•Make sure the car is running, or else you could drain the battery too far and need a jump start to drive home.
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How to use a portable battery bank or "battery generator" to easily and safely run any system (more expensive) •GoalZero is a popular brand available in camping stores
•Consider getting only UL listed models to increase longevity and reduce the risk of fire.
•Reccomend borrwong these from camping enthusaiasts.

Gas Generators Gas Generators are smelly, loud, hot, and expensive but easy to rent from tool rental shops. They should never be run indoors or in a car, nad great care should be taken to point the super hot exaust port away from objects and people. The Honda E2200i is a very popular, very quiet, and very reliable generator. Generally, other brands are crazy loud.

Finding an outlet
Getting in touch with local businesses you may be able to run an extension cord from is an option.
If you get a permit for your action and an amplified sound permit, the city may provide power.
In our expereice, this is a huge wast of time and money, as it is often unconstitutional to enforce permit requirements, the costs are high, and the state than exerts control on your event, that is presumably protesting the state.