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Stake-Bed Flatbed trucks are available for rental for about $180 a day plus taxes and feed.
The sides can be removed with two people. Gloves are a good ideas, to avoid splinters.

They come in several lenghts, the shorter ones are cheaper and easier to drive but don’t fit as many people. 

Many have ‘lift gates’ a small elevator on the back that can make it accessible to those who cannot climb.
⚠ Lift gate is very prone to injuring folks, be very careful operating it 
You do not need a special Driver’s Licence, though It is a very good idea to have a designated driver with large-vehicle experience and one or two co-pilots with walkie talkies for manevering thru crowds in a noisy environment. 

⚠ It is CRUCIAL that if the vehicle will be moving with people in the bed that there is a effective communication system, such as a walkie-talkie between the driver and the bed of the truck.

Also, many people are used to saying no to the insurance for car rentals because of credi card coverage or personal car insuance plans. Note that these do not cover truck rentals and the insurance is probably a good idea, tho I am hardly an expert. Can be as much as $60 extra per day. 

Bay Area Options include:

  1. SF- Coast Truck Rentals $96 per day! Small business.  +1 415 282 6200
  2. Penske Rentals ~$150/day San Leandro Open 7 days, much cheaper for weekend actions 510-562-1550 Most other places are closed on the weekends, so they charge you for those days too. 
  3. United Rentals $240/day has weekend deal, same as one day iftaken fri pm and returned monday AM. Will price match, is negotiable
  4. Enterprise Truck Rental (Not the same as car rental, be sure to call truck place) $80-150/day depending on season. sometimes 40 cents a mile, sometimes 150 free miles. Insurancew is $57/day extra, not open on Sundays. Does not price match. SF and San Leandro
  5. Herc Rentals ~$250-350/day
  6. SunState Rentals  $425/day Oakland (510) 924-4670 is negotiable