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While this site mostly focuses on audio, but here are links to other folks who do lots with projection.
Bay area people, we have projection abilities if you need them! Hit us up.

There are 3 options for projection:

Video projectors

Super great and flexible, however you will need a very very bright unit to be visible large and outdoors, especially if there is ambient light.
Photo Credit The Illuminator

The Illuminator How to Guide

Projection Action Network

Weird hack -How to make a projector 1.5x brighter (but makes it black and white)

Check out our Power guide for options on plugging this stuff in.

More obsucre options:

Vector Laser Projectors

Potentially dangerous to eyes, more expensive, but very bright. Line art/text only. 
Great for simple text, great also for long throw. Generally not reccomended without a professsonal operator, who also will won the expensive gear. 
Project Credit Joanie Lemercier

GOBO (high power slide projectors)

This is a very bright lower cost option, but it can take weeks to get a slide made, so not very flexible
Upside is no computer needed. Another downside is the edges can be pretty blurry.
GOBO tutorial from Backbone
Another GOBO Guide